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“Crossing the Bridge Restoring Men” is an all-encompassing initiative spearheaded by Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Sr., Robert Williams, and Tom Kulikowski from Churches Outreach Network. The program’s primary goal is to equip fathers with the necessary tools to become successful parents and active participants in their families. The program offers a plethora of services:

  • Fatherhood Education: This service imparts the basics of responsible fatherhood.
  • Job Coaching: This service aids fathers in job hunting or career advancement.
  • Digital Training: This service imparts crucial digital skills.
  • Child Support Guidance: This service assists in navigating the child support system.
  • Legal Assistance: This service aids in establishing paternity, understanding visitation rights, and addressing other legal issues.
  • Peer Groups: This service provides a supportive environment for fathers to connect and share experiences.
  • Referral Services: This service offers help for complex issues.
  • Mediation Services: This service facilitates communication with the child’s mother and other family members.
  • Healthcare Education for Men: This service provides health information, screenings, and referrals.
  • Transportation Assistance: This service helps overcome transportation challenges.
  • Ongoing Support: This service ensures continuous connection with experienced staff.
  • Unique Programs: This service includes innovative solutions like “Jobs Not Jail”, an alternative to jail for fathers behind on child support.

The program also addresses common health issues among fathers due to financial constraints or mistrust in healthcare providers. It offers health education, screenings, individualized treatment, and referrals to local healthcare providers. Moreover, it hosts the “Father and Men Conference” to foster connections, inspire godly fatherhood, and promote personal growth and development.




Mission Statement        

Restoring Christian men back to their rightful position. Being the Father that Christ has set them up to be.


8 Week Program

Working with Biblical movies Courageous and Show Me the Father

To set up one on one mentorship with bible study and have group conversations and educational webinars.

At the end of the program, we will have a dinner celebration and receive a certificate of completion